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Howdy, High & Hello.

Budega is the corner store for Cali weed. Get what you need from people that call you by your first name. Quick, friendly, and sometimes you’ll hear a wild ass story. 

Our locally sourced products deliver a sublime experience that our clientele seek to enhance and heighten their lives. But that doesn’t just happen when they use our cannabis, it starts when they walk into a Budega.

Yes, we’re connoisseurs and curators, but more importantly, we’re your neighbors. A bodega isn’t just a con- venient store for necessities, it’s an anchor in the community. It’s where you go for what you need, but what keeps you coming back is everything that can’t be bought. That’s advice and inside jokes, winks and nods and who’s going to win the Lakers game. (We might know a bookie.)

Whether it’s your first time as a kid in a weed candy shop, or you fondly remember hot boxing your older sis- ter’s 84 Toyota Corolla, our friendly neighborhood weed dealers will welcome you into our little slice of heaven and make sure you’ve got everything you need to enjoy the modern cannabis experience.


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