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Eighths, Quarters, Half Ounces and Ounces from brands including Fig Farms, Up North, Cream of the Crop, and many more! 


Budder, Badder, Wax, Shatter, Diamonds, Sauce… We’ve got you covered with dabs from Clssics, Globs, Hush, and more!  


Live resin, rosin, and distillate in cartridges and pods from brands including Hush, Wox, Timeless, and more! 


Gummies, candies, chocolates and drinks from brand including Kiva, KoKo Nuggz, Hush, and more!


Tinctures, creams, bath bombs and all the weed wellness you need from brands like Kush Queen, High Gorgeous, and more!

Pre Rolls

Joints and blunts in all shapes sizes from brands including KingRoll, Packwoods, UpNorth, and more! 

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