Brand Highlight: Revelry Herb Co.

Revelry Herb Co.

Looking to support a brand you can stand behind for more than just their products (but also for their products)? Let us introduce you to Revelry Herb Co., a company dedicated to quality and sustainability.


Revelry Herb Co. offers a wide range of products (both weed and accessories), all designed with form and function in mind, and a focus on quality and durability.

When sourcing their flower and strains, Revelry is continuously updating their genetic library with something new and exciting. In addition to intentional strain sourcing, Revelry offers a few different ways to enjoy their flower:


The classic size order from your local dealer. You can expect large beautiful buds in a resealable mylar pouch. Smoke them in your favorite glass piece, roll it into some joints, or even hit it in a vape. It’s all good in our book.

Single (1g)

With a full gram of flower, this single large cone is the perfect social joint to share with a friend or more. It comes in a tube that can be reused and recycled, which may come in handy if you can’t smoke the whole thing in one sitting.

Triple Infused 5 PACK (0.5g each)

14 PACK (0.5g each)

These fourteen half gram cones are the perfect individual size. They come in a compact reusable jar that fits snugly in your pocket. A half gram works well for a quick session walk around the block.


To pair with their amazing flower, Revelry also makes stylish accessories for avid stoners alike. One of the standout products from their accessory line is the line of odor-absorbing bags. These bags are perfect for discreet storage and transportation of your stash, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit a multitude of needs and preferences. Pro tip: They make a great gift for the stoners and smokers in your life. You can learn more about those accessories at

Quality and Sustainability

Best part? Revelry is committed to sustainability! Their team has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. For example, their odor-absorbing bags are made from recycled materials, and they use eco-friendly packaging for all of their products. We’re big fans!

Stop by the store to learn more and check their products out for yourself.

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